Charlotte Gainsbourg w Polsce – szczegóły koncertu + konkurs

Wiadomość o pierwszej wizycie w Polsce francuskiej wokalistki i aktorki, Charlotte Gainsbourg, zelektryzowała muzyczny świat. Dziś podajemy wszystkie szczegóły dotyczące tego wydarzenia.

Zgodnie z zapowiedziami koncert odbędzie się w ramach tegorocznej edycji Festiwalu Malta w Poznaniu 29 czerwca w Starej Rzeźni (ul. Garbary 101/111).  Zostanie on poprzedzony występem Austriaczki Renate Jett, której show balansuje na granicy muzyki i teatru.

Bilety w cenach 60 (studenci i emeryci) oraz 80 PLN wciąż są dostępne na Spośród tych, którzy do czwartku 17 czerwca (włącznie) kupią za pośrednictwem strony bilet na koncert Charlotte Gainsbourg, zostanie wybranych 8  osób, które otrzymają zaproszenia na spotkanie z Artystką w dniu koncertu! Szczegóły na stronie festiwalu.

Charlotte Gainsbourg znajduje się obecnie  w trasie promującej swój drugi album, „IRM” (nasza recenzja), na której towarzyszy jej zespół w składzie: Bram Inscore (bas), Amir Yaghami (gitary, instrumenty perkusyjne), Brian Lebarton (klawisze), Nicole Morier (chórki, gitara) oraz Eric Gardner (perkusja). Występy zespołu zbierają bardzo przychylne recenzje, oto niektóre z nich:


Gainsbourg’s set was one of the most captivating 45 minutes of music
I experienced at Coachella, then so be it. Opening straight-away with
her title track „IRM,” Gainsbourg and her band added a little live
aggression to the songs, which served not to destroy the subtle
moments but instead worked to add tension.


Her five-piece backing band looked chicly bookish and sounded
Beck-ish, as in IRMâ  s producer. With their help Gainsbourg moved
comfortably from jangly folk-rock to filigreed chamber-pop to
strutting funk. She even did a sexy cover of â  Lâ  Hotel
Particulier,â   from her brilliant father Serge Gainsbourgâ  s
Histoire de Melody Nelson. All in all, tres charmant.


Charlotte held her own live, but I really have to hand it to her
multi-instrumentalist band (Amir Yaghmai – guitar/strings, Eric
Gardner – drums, Bram Inscore – bass, Brian LeBarton- keys/percussion
and Nicole Morier – guitar) for bringing her highly percussive studio
tunes to life.

Charlotte Gainsbourg stepped out of the musical shadow of her father,
showing fans she’s a talented singer in her own right.


It was a nearly chaste performance in many ways: minimal, clean,
pure. Well, there’s an aura to Charlotte Gainsbourg that transcends
her work and even her not-insubstantial abilities and talents. I think
she’s got gifts both in music and in drama. Charlotte Gainsbourg was
born to music and acting and the flouting of conventions, and she
accepts that onus as her birthright, and she carries it forward into
the world with courage and conviction and talent and a great, great
deal of grace. And that was worth paying to see in person.


She revisited not only her previous albums but also her fatherâ  s
repertoire and even Bob Dylanâ  s. The cover of â  Just Like A
Womanâ   was a nice surprise and Gainsbourg sang it sitting on a tall
stool, which gave a more intimate feel to it. Her whispery soft voice
fit perfectly into Dylanâ  s lyrics. â  Trick Ponyâ  , one of the
strongest tracks of IRM, closed the main set and it was full of
energy. Not only for this song in particular but for all of them, her
band was simply excellent. They had a lot do deal with and delivered
brilliantly. People were delighted and the encore just doubled the
feeling. Finally, the second cover of Serge Gainsbourg, â  Couleur
CafĂŠâ   (the first one was â  Hotel Particulierâ  ), made the
considerable number of French people in the audience very happy and
sing at the top of their lungs. The initially timid singer was now
dancing and having a great time. It was a little piece of France right
here in Washington State. The crowd loved you. Merci, Charlotte.

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